2011    Formats include Fri & Sat. performances, 
            Saturday Parlour Talks in downtown Jonesborough
            and community drum circle

* see 'new page' for more info!

2010    WindieFest programming includes many formats !
                                      YOU CHOOSE
                                 what works for you!

Friday, Mar. 26
     4 pm  JULIE HELLWICH, founder of Smart Women Company tells HER Story  - past, present, future actions
                   @ International Storytelling Center, Main Street, Jonesborough        FREE & OPEN TO PUBLIC

     7 pm   PARK OVERALL, actress and activist, tells is HER way about life, work & distraction
                   @ International Storytelling Center, Main Street, Jonesborough        TICKET EVENT, must reserve

Saturday, Mar. 27
      Workshops all day!  Choose your own adventure!             ALL WORKSHOPS REQUIRE TICKET
      90 minute sessions   *  3 different formats & activities  *    3 different session times  * $15 per session


      1.  Drum circle     led by THE BOOM CHIX from Asheville, NC    A RHYTHM ROUSING OPPORTUNITY!

      2.  Arts Infusion Creativity Juice Bar     OPEN STUDIO FORMAT, MAKE & TAKE YOUR
               OWN INVENTIONS!   
                           Supported by:  ARTOPIA/Becky Mallory & BEADWORKS/ Jenni Cochia

      3.   Fashion Rules :  There Are No Rules    A 'big girl dress up' adventure        
              Supported by: Celebrate Studios and a host of creative individuals will lots of cool stuff

      4.   HERstory Parlor Talks at Cranberry Thistle Parlour  Saturday Noon to 5 p.m.
               HEAR HER SAY how she did it: manifested a dream, wrote a book, finished a play,
               and found a way to do it her way. (No Ticket Required - TIPS encouraged and desired.) 
               SPEAKERS include:
                         Actress and Playwright: REma Keen,
                         Shakti in the Mountains Founder: Kim Bushore-Maki
                         Author Jo Carson
                         Smart Women Founder, Julie Hellwich


  Session #1 =      10:00 - 11:30 a.m.

       Session #2 =     1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. 

       Session #3 =      3:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

  * Choose one or choose all...repeat your favorite if you like!  

        * All sessions require a ticket for entry.   $15 each

      ALL DAY!    ALL DAY!   ALL DAY!    ALL DAY!    ALL DAY!

                            Choccolotta Joie de Vivre
                                      $5 card entitles you to 
                      tasty treats and delicious deals all around town!

                                PARTICIPATING VENDORS INCLUDE:
              * Cranberry Thistle - drinking chocloate, mochas & more!
              * Bistro - did someone say 'chocolate martini??'
              * I Fancy Food -- awesome chocolate options!
              * Main Street Cafe - cookies, brownies and pies, oh my!

Sunday, March 28                  ticket event   $16.50

               BRUNCH!    No cooking, no clean up, just show up!
                        Featured speaker:  Susan Lachmann,
                        Host and Producer of Women On Air

Ticket sales begin March 1st.  Call  423-753-1010