–Creative/executive director of Little Pearls, Linda McLean joins WindieFest as part of Saturday afternoon Parlour Talk programming in downtown Jonesborough, TN.  Come hear about this dynamic project and view Little Pearls at the International Storytelling Center Theater in downtown Jonesborough; 45 minute sessions at noon and 1:00 pm.

Turena Austin stirs thoughts at WindieFest as she discusses her unique abilities as an “Intuitive Sensitive.”  Having researched and practiced decades of dream work  interpretation and reflexology,  her healing work  is highly sought and well respected. “I have always been aware of unseen energy, which appears to me as color and emotions. Snap shot images provide insights into individuals through my heightened senses.  My 11 year old Granddaughter calls it ‘my magic eyes’. “

If you’ve ever experienced “déjà vu” or just “had a feeling” about something, Turena has insights that can help you understand it.  You’ll find her on the Parlour Tour at the International Storytelling Center library at all sessions (noon, 1:00, 2:00 and 3:00)


Stirring up some WindieFest!   2010

Park and Susan
Park Overall and Susan Lachmann
Park Overall is an accomplished actress with many film and performance credits; Biloxi Blues (Broadway and major motion picture), Mississippi Burning and TV sitcom, Empty Nest, to name a very few.

Activism is another of her passions with a strong and well-informed voice concerning environmental issues.  

Seating for Park's presentation, "Storm Warning" is limited and early reservations are highly recommended.

Smart Woman, Smart Company

Julie Hellwich
Julie Hellwich
In 1999, founder Julie Hellwich made a few gifts for friends. The style and wit of the products struck a nerve with her chums and local store owners, and quickly captured the attention of smart women everywhere.

Smart Women items express the wit, intelligence, and smarts applied to the everyday experiences of extraordinary women.  Smart is about making choices and making do; making amends and mending your socks.  We know smart when we see it and when we feel it.
Smart Women products are fun, practical household gift items with a meaningful message. Informed by a do-it-yourself spirit, creative vision, and commitment to community, the collection puts a contemporary spin on the domestic arts learned from founder Julie Hellwich’s clever Midwestern grandmothers, Betty and Gert.

We want women to know that the things we do make a difference. By living and breathing our politics and convictions on a daily basis, (whether we’re running errands, running the office, or running FOR office) Smart Women change the world every day.

Smart Women
Smart Women Read Between the Lines

The Boom Chix, Drum and Dance Troupe

Jessie Lehmann, founder of The Boom Chix, is dedicated to culturally connecting communities through West African drum class, drum therapy, corporate drumming facilitation, school residencies and performance.  Starting in 1998 she has performed hundreds of times and taught in schools with six of Asheville NC's West African drum and dance ensembles and traveled to Guinea and Ivory Coast West Africa for a total of five months to become more authentic in the art form.

The Boom Chix (formerly Chix with Stix) is an all women's drum and dance troupe formed in 2008 by musical director Jessie Lehmann.  Many of the group's members have known each other through drum and dance for around 10 years, and are active teachers of this art form in the community.  By combining traditional African rhythm and dance with original choreography and modern flare, The Boom Chix bring a thunderous, captivating energy that will be sure to excite, inspire and make you move.  The Boom Chix is available for shows, drum and dance classes, workshops and residencies.
The Boom Chix
The Boom Chix
Some past performances include:

Thomas Wolfe Auditorium- Time for Our Power Conference, Asheville NC, * LAAFF * Girls 4 Girls event, Asheville, NC *  Asheville Civic Center Roller Derby Halftime show*  Warren Wilson College Alumni weekend halftime show* Kanuga Conference Center, Hendersonville, NC* Medicines of the Earth Herbal Conference, Black Mtn, NC*
The Boom Chix
The Boom Chix
For more info contact:

Jessie Lehmann

Paula Giovanetti, Signature Artist

Paula Giovanetti
Paula Giovanetti

Giovanetti using handsaw to craft wings

Giovanetti hammertaps wings

WindieFest signature artist, Paula Giovanetti has amazingly designed and is now handcrafting WINGS for WindieFest!!!   Hand cut from copper plating, then hammered, filed and sanded - EVERY SINGLE ONE!


LIMITED EDITION! 3 sizes of wings – for pendant, charms, key fob, earrings, and more!

ARTOPIA: Arts Infusion Creativity Juice Bar

Becky Mallory and Christine Murdock
Who has the coolest art stuff in town?  ARTOPIA, and you can make and take with materials at the Arts Infusion Creativity Juice Bar!

1 workshop ticket gets you into all kinds of great inventions!

Becky has drawn a great record as an arts educator for over 30 years; Christine has at least as many years in theater and arts administration.


Fashion Rules

Fashion Rules!
I'm telling you there are no fashion rules! Come play with personas & get down with some get-ups at Fashion Rules workshop.

PUH-leeze bring your camera for personal portraiture.  Onsite assistance from some radical fashionistas!