Where's the post from earlier  tonight?!   Lost in cyber space!   Tying off loose threads these last few days before TA DAA!  Julie Hellwich comes in Thursday night, then we fly into the festival & stirring up energy.  Great to be on WCYB noon show Tuesday + new press out in Loafer, Times News, TriCities.com & Greeneville Sun.  Jamming with Park Overall is fun, fun, fun as we whirl around ideas for Friday night.  Been working on a special art piece designed by Jeanie, my sister. She has done A LOT of brainstorming with images and design for print pieces; also had help from Nancy Fishman + my friends at KINKO'S/FEDEX OFFICE.  See the photo gallery posted on my FB page!   Student photog, Carissa, has supplied many sharp shots!
Looking forward to a TOWN FULL of WindeFest divas - friends coming in from several states and the roller girls and artist presenters!   Can hardly wait to see ya'll, ya'll! 

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