HOORAY FOR  WF first ticket sales for drum circle!   I hear it already;  the rhythm of  creative energy and he power of positive INTENTION!  BIG THANKS going out to my sister, Jean, who has done logo, poster, ticket & other print design...do not even ask how many variations, tweaks and remakes I've asked her to do!  Such is artistic process!   ALSO to K.C. Gott for contacts, web work, answering my countless questions!  YO to Nancy Fishman working on the rack cards! Mike Clark & the Loafer & Carissa for photos, also staff at J'bo Visitors Center for handling ticket sales pre-event.  And what about all the friends loaning REALLY COOL garments for Fashion Rules.  You will NOT BELIEVE what I got hold of this very day!  Synchronicity is being synchronicious,
ya'll.  Keep a look out for WindieFest flyers flying!

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