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Lots going on all while the snow continued these past 2 weeks....I got my Christmas tree down, decorations wrapped and PUT AWAY!   I think it is genetic, this not wanting to take down the tree, as Mom told me my Grandmother used to wait until Easter!  Now about WindieFest...well, there are parts fitting together daily with program elements, posters, publicity, yadda yadda.  Had a great time last Sunday working with Paula on Ear Wings - see pics at INSPIRATIONS!   +  lovely visit to ARtopia to meet with Becky and communications with Jenny re BEADWORKS.  Julie has sent pages of Smart Women Stickers, so you will be seeing them all around! 
 Meeting with Amber at Jonesborough Visitors Center on Monday to set up ticket sales.....MARCH 1st  we open the gates for ticket purchase!
I am excited...and anxious...and jumping up and down!   Have been dreaming of WindieFest for YEARS, and now it's time to let 'er fly!